Peter is a skilled presenter and conference invites have ranged from Pecha Kutcha, Ignite Cardiff, international software events (very geeky!) to  Crimestoppers National Conference and the Charity Fair. And of course, hundreds (maybe thousands) of learning and development sessions.

The Guardian has said: Peter Cox from Cardiff Civic Society gave a compelling insight to how Cardiff is changing and what elements have been lost along its development (PechaKuch, Cardiff).

So, you can have the person - live or virtual (web conferences) or the skills to script write your presentation, produce the visuals, even do the voice over for a conference or online session.

Having a wide range of personal skills and knowledge across a number of sectors brings informed advice as well as presentational abilities.

Most presentation are confidential having been produced as part of a client project, but below are a few that are not: a briefing for Bute Parks Alliance, Volunteering for Crimestoppers Conference, a workshop for Cardiff Civic Society. See all on Slideshare.


Conference appearances, scripts, slides, voice overs